Friday, May 21, 2010

Earth Celebrations: Hudson River Pageant, NYC

At long last: The Pageant.

Up at five a.m., out to the WFC to start shooting at seven, three hours of prep, then three or four hours of pageantry straddling two miles of Hudson River shoreline (and two miles back afterward). We cut quite a technicolor swath through Lower Manhattan. Everyone came back with all their fingers and toes attached, no one fainted or fell in the River, didn't get rained out, and I'd say it went off without a hitch. Though some of those gals are probably still scrubbing off yellow body paint.

My one gripe about the day was the surplus of photographers on-scene: there was overlap. A lot. The upshot was that I got myself into everyone else's shots. Someone pointed me out: at far right, the hardworking boy in blue. It turned into a game of Where's Waldo. (With thanks to Eveningsong.)

Full gallery here.

Earth Celebrations: pre-Pageant

This is the pre-pageant post. All prep work: body-painting, costuming, etc. Full gallery, including the pageant itself, will be linked in the next post.